ECO-HOTELS : Ecolodge & El Momo Cottages

Ecolodge Rendez-Vous

Telephone: +599-416-5507/3888 Reservations: +599-416-3348
Toll Free: 1 305 720 2578

Relax in a hammock, read, or just watch the clouds float by in one of their twelve solar-powered eco-cottages, which are scattered across terraced farmland at the edge of the rainforest.
Each cottage has a different Saban theme and sleeps up to four people with their own private bathroom.
Some cottages also have kitchenettes; no phones or TVs are in the cottages; you will have to make do with birds and stars as entertainment.

Built to attract nature lovers, hikers and divers and with a philosophy of being intimate with nature the Ecolodge Rendez-Vous demonstrates a responsible attitude towards the use of resources and the environment in general. Their renown Rainforest Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, using vegetables from there own vegetable garden as much as possible. After hiking of diving there is the possibility to revitalize in the sweat-lodge and the hot and cold tub on the property.

Come relax at the Ecolodge; Your Rendez-Vous with nature!


El Momo Cottages
Booby Hill, Windwardside

P.O. Box 542, Windwardside
Telephone/fax: +599-416-2265

Peace - Nature - Silence

This charming eco hotel with many personal touches and breathtaking sea views offers warm hospitality and a peaceful atmosphere.
The service is very friendly and attention is paid to details. The welcoming owners take time to provide tips, background information and insights into the Saban arts and culture.
The swimming pool, honor-bar and hammocks all add to the gentle way of life and help you to relax and unwind.
The hotel is a tranquil heaven where one can rest and enjoy nature at its best.
This is a hideaway where romance and relaxation blend wonderfully. Enjoy fantastic ocean sunsets from October to March.
The quiet hotel is located a 10 minute walk up from Windwardside. The owners are fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and also speak some French.